AV Security

TSCM Security Sweeps

Audio Visual Security is one of Ireland's leading TSCM (Bug Sweeping) inspection companies. With over 20 years experience in Security sweeps, we have worked with and advised businesses and governments about their security issues.  

Our state-of-the-art technical countermeasures equipment is capable of locating and neutralizing even the most technically advanced bugging devices. Security sweeps are conducted outside normal working hours to ensure discretion and minimum workplace disruption.

CCTV Installation

AV Security provides tailored CCTV installations to suit our growing client base throughout Ireland.  We take care of everything for your peace of mind from initial survey, design, install and maintenance of the CCTV system.  

Corporate Investigations

The corporate sector in Ireland can incur serious losses, not through the obvious result of a stock market crash or external theft, but through the indiscretion of those we should be able to trust most, our staff.

AV Security will investigate either covertly or openly to establish the extent of the problem and identify those responsible.