ISIA Elects First Female President

Sheenagh McCullagh

14th March 2013

McCullagh has been involved with the work of the ISIA for over six years and has also served as Chairman of the Electronic Division and as Vice President. She was the first female to hold any seat on the ISIA’s Council of Management, the team responsible for managing this representative body. The ISIA’s Council of Management is made up entirely of representatives from ISIA member companies.

Commenting on her new role, McCullagh stated, This is a very exciting and challenging role and I look forward to the year ahead, working on behalf of my peers.  I originally became involved with the ISIA due to my strong belief in raising standards within the industry.

A belief in standards was echoed in her address to the members of the ISIA when she stated, “Membership of the ISIA confirms a professional integrity on us, the work we do, the advice we give and the opinions we express. Like any great structure, you need a firm foundation. Our foundation is the requirements we set for entry and the ISIA’s quality standard, Qualsec.

Also elected to office at the AGM were Niall Feely of G4S as Vice President and Chris Clinch of GSLS as Treasurer of the association.  Speaking on the election of the new representatives, Sarah O’Donnell, Communications Director with the ISA said “the experience of the newly appointed President, Vice President and Treasurer combined with our most recent Past President, Sean Malone, provides the ISIA with a leadership team that has an incredibly wide breadth of knowledge and experience of private security.  As the only industry body representing all sectors of private security, this is of key importance”.