G4S Cash Solutions Ireland, a member of the IRish Security industry Association (ISIA), have recenlty announced that Aiden Harper has been appointed as their Managing Director. Aiden took up the role earlier this week, 24th February 2020.

Aiden has been Operations Director for the G4S Cash Solutions Ireland  business since 2015. He commenced employment with G4S in 2000 and worked in all areas of operations. While continuing his studies he developed though the organisation building strong relationships with all stakeholders, including the ISIA, where he has been an activie participant representing G4S Cash Solutions Ireland for many years.

G4S have reported  major opportunities they are working toward for transforming the cash solutions market in Ireland and they are confident Aiden will drive this forward for the business.

The ISIA would like to congratulate Aiden on his appointment and we are certain he will bring the same wealth of experience and knowledge to his new role as he has brought to the Transport (CIT) Division of the ISIA for many years.