Please find below details of the newest series of online events being hosted by Axis Communications.  

9th September
Frictionless Access Control – This event will look at why frictionless access control, is more relevant than ever and what you will need to consider when designing, implementing and adopting this technology.

30th September
13:00 – 14:00
Understanding Analytics – Learn more about Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and edge analytics as well as Axis ARTPEC chip platform, the secret behind many Axis industry-leading technologies.

14th October
Perimeter Event – Discover how you can use the power of network technology to protect your perimeter. This event will cover a range of technology solutions such as network cameras, audio, access control and body worn camera.

5th November
Cyber Event – Both technology trends and unexpected threats like COVID-19, opens up new possibilities for criminals. Interview with Sarb from Virtually Informed Ltd. and James from Unified Security Ltd talking about cybersecurity.