The Irish Security Industry Association (ISIA) has always had a tradition of raising standards in the Private Security Industry. The underlying ethos of the Irish Security Industry Association is based around codes of practice, standards and quality service to which members must sign up and adhere to. The introduction of licensing in 2007 has set minimum standards for the security industry and was the first step towards establishing standards across the wider security industry.

Qualsec Explained

Qualsec is the Irish Security Industry Association’s (ISIA) quality standard exclusively available to members of the Irish Security Industry Association.  The ISIA has partnered with CerticCS, an independent certification body with a long tradition of working with the private security industry, to independently assess and certify member’s compliance with the requirements of Qualsec.
Qualsec offers members of the ISIA the opportunity to continuously improve their business practices with three tiers of Qualsec available to them:

The Qualsec Silver award is the minimum standard which all electronic security and guarding member companies must achieve. Qualsec silver provides customer of ISIA member companies with reassurance that they will receive a professional, quality-driven security service. To achieve the Silver award, companies must comply with 37 criteria, which are divided into five sections:

  • licensing
  • staffing/human resources
  • financial/accounting
  • training and
  • customer satisfaction

The Qulasec Gold award includes an additional 15 criteria which enhances the categories covered in the silver award and places further requirements on the member.

Platinum level requires an additional 5 criteria which includes certification to ISO 9001:2000 by an accredited certification body, Excellence through People and requires members to have a corporate social responsibility policy.

Benefits of Qualsec

  • A mechanism for continuous improvement
  • Guarantees that you are fully compliant
  • Demonstrates a desire to maintain high standards
  • Guarantees a focus on people (Recruitment, Training & H&S)
  • Guarantees you have thought about the future of your business with the customer in mind.
  • Provides assurance that your customer needs will be addressed in a timely manner
  • Guarantees that you have addressed risks to your business
  • Ensures participation in your association, providing you with the most up to date information, benefiting your business and your customer.