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Client contact to provide verification in relation to this nomination:

Can the Supervisor and Company be named for publicity purposes: *

I CONSENT for my details to be forwarded for the purpose of review as part of the selection process for the ISIA Awards. I understand that my personal details and photograph will be used in both printed and online collateral and as part of the overall ISIA Awards production.


This award enables the Security Industry to recognise exceptional services to the customer or the public by security supervisors. The award is also intended to foster employee morale and encourage employee initiative, innovation and commitment by demonstrating the importance management attaches to excellence of performance, exceptional achievements and service by recognising the contributions of individual security supervisors to the overall operation of the security assignment. The submission should allow the judging panel to assess how the security supervisor has performed against the following criteria:

  1. Customer Focus
  2. Leadership
  3. Contribution to Success of the Contract
  4. Exceptional Qualities and/or outstanding achievements


The member official nominating the security supervisor should detail why they feel that the supervisor deserves an award in the relevant category, considering the Terms and Conditions outlined on page 4 and the criteria outlined above. Please include information as to how the Security Supervisor makes a significant contribution to the client and the contract/contracts at which their service is made available, including information relating to their value as a leader and supervisor. These details should be evident in the submission. Please outline the responsibilities of the Supervisor and the number of staff reporting to the Security Supervisor.

Please include with this nomination any documentation that supports the exceptional achievements of the security supervisor (e.g. other awards, client recommendations).

I confirm that the above information is correct and accurate and accept that I may be contacted for further details during the adjudication of this nomination.

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE RETURNED BY 15th October. Interviews for this category will be held on the 1st & 8th of November and finalists will be selected and contacted shortly following interviews. The winner of the award will be announced at the ISIA Awards 2021 on the 26th of November 2021.

ISIA Awards – Security Supervisor of the Year

The Award for “Security Supervisor of the Year” will be presented at the ISIA Awards hosted online on the 26th of November 2021.

The “Security Supervisor of the Year” will be presented with an award, certificate, and cheque.

The supervisors receiving commendations will be presented with a merit award, certificate and a gift from the ISIA.


  1. Nomination forms must be completed legibly and in full to be eligible for judging purposes.
  2. Entries must be received by 15th October 2021.
  3. Security Officers are not eligible and should apply under the category Security Officer of the Year.
  4. Security Supervisors or Managers are eligible for this award.
  5. The Awards Judges or Awards Secretary will reserve the right to contact member companies and customers for further information regarding the nomination.
  6. Members may nominate up to five supervisors or managers for nomination.
  7. All entries must be on the official entry form. One nomination per form.
  8. Electronic nomination forms must be printed off and submitted by post or scanned and emailed, with supporting documentation and signature confirmation.
  9. Supporting documentation must be restricted to five letters/documents and if more are submitted the ISIA Judging Panel reserve the right to consider the five pieces of evidence that it considers the most pertinent.
  10. The ISIA cannot take responsibility for nominations mislaid or lost and all entries will receive an official acknowledgement.
  11. One nomination will be chosen for Supervisor of the Year award and Commendation Awards will be granted to the next entries deemed commendable by the Judges.
  12. The Judges’ decision is final.