Crothers Security Ltd

With 2 security super-stores in Walkinstown and Finglas, if you need anything about security, we are there to serve your needs.

Crothers Security offers the most complete security package available. All our skills are in-house and our multi-discipline approach means we are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive, integrated systems.

For decades Crothers Security has been the leaders in physical security. Experts in not only the equipment they use but in how to get the best from the equipment. Continuous testing and research ensures they stay one step ahead of the criminal.

Crothers Security are proud installers of Adams Rite Safeguard doors. The doors are made to order to match existing decor and are more than a match for an assailant. Their bullet resistant doors and frame have been independently tested up to Class G2 Hand held Gun 44 Magnum and s86 12 bore shotgun with single lead slug.

Safeguard Doors range also include the ‘Safehaven’ door. This G2 door is also designed to withstand a sustained physical attack. It uses a locking system approved by the British Ministry of Defence and is used in seclusion rooms, nuclear submarine bases and military.

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  • Address: Walkinstown Solutions House 139, St. Peter’s Road, Greenhills, Dublin 12
  • Telephone: 01-456 7947 / 01-456 7947 / 01-419 3727
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