VP Sitex

VPSitex Ireland Ltd are the leading vacant property specialist security company in Ireland. We provide the services now required by the insolvency and restructuring units of Ireland’s leading banks, professional services companies and city and county councils. VPSitex Ireland Limited are part of the VPS Group which has global revenues of approximately £200m, more than 2000 employees and more than 90,000 properties under management. The combined European businesses will have a turnover of £100 million, 1300 employees and nearly 100 locations across Ireland, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.
Providing far more than security, our innovative products and expert services allow our customers to protect their vacant properties against unauthorised access and property decay. We also clean, clear and remove hazards, and can disconnect services, carry out inspections and provide essential maintenance. By deterring trespassers, reducing crime and keeping vacant property in working order, our customers are better prepared for re-occupancy, sale or construction. Our industry-acclaimed choice of security screens will provide complete protection for empty (void) properties and vacant estates.
Our competitive nationwide property life cycle solutions bring experience and knowledge of the exacting requirements to be met in recovering and/or managing occupied, unoccupied and unfinished (ghost estates) properties.

Our Vacant Property Services

  • Property Occupancy Checks
  • Risk Assessments
  • Health & Safety Reports
  • Property Lockdown and Drain Down (per insurance requirements)
  • Property Security (steel shuttering)
  • Property Security (wireless CCTV and alarm solutions)
  • Clean and Clear
  • Insurance Inspections with proof of presence
  • Emergency Response Service (24 hours per day)
  • Property Maintenance (electrical, mechanical, refurbishment and landscaping)

Contact Details

  • Contact Name: Brian Walsh, Sales Manager
  • Address: Unit 3, Willsborough Cluster, Clonshaugh Industrial Estate, Dublin 17
  • Telephone: +353  (0)18671188
  • Mobile: +353 (0)860289115
  • Email: Brian.Walsh@vpsitex.ie
  • Website: www.vpsitex.ie