Serima1 Independent Security Consultants

In 2004 SERIMA1 was founded by Stephen Heffernan. With a background in criminal justice and financial services the company offers expert advice in Risk Management, Conflict Resolution, and Crime Reduction programmes.

SERIMA1 is an Independent Security Consultancy and Training firm. Our services range from:

  • Security audits and inspections.
  • Robbery and Violent Raid specialist advice for, Financial, Retail and Commercial premises.
  • Expert Forensic Witness Service.
  • Staff training in Crime prevention and Robbery awareness.
  • Certified Conflict resolution, management and training
  • Night Club Auditing and Policy advice.
  • Advice to Insurers and event organisers.
  • Trauma Counselling
  • H&S Statements and compliance.
  • Maybo Conflict management and PI services & Training.
  • Female protection specialists.

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