The Irish Security Industry Association (ISIA) is delighted to announce a series of online CPD course being provided exclusively to ISIA members by Axis Communications.  The full list of course is outlined below.

Webinar 1
20 May
Smarter & Safer Cities – Vision or Reality? 

This seminar will look to explore the concepts of Smarter Safer cities and why there is such a buzz around this topic. You will have seen from the huge levels of publicity, that both governments in the UK and around the world are looking to invest in Cities to make them more efficient and at the same time enhancing the experience of citizens that live there and
work there. So is this achievable based on the technologies today and if so, what should the considerations be to address the future of Smart Cities?

Webinar 2
27th May
Ten reasons to adopt a network audio solution

Audio systems are moving from the traditional analogue world to utilising network infrastructure, making these systems quicker and easier to design, install and manage.  Network audio is audio which is transferred using a network cable (Ethernet/PoE) to a network speaker.  This can be compared to analogue audio which is transferred over analogue audio cables.  As Smart building embrace a connect infrastructure, why should site audio systems be any different?

Webinar 3
3 June
Smart Physical Security – The future of access control

As the business demands and expectation of a traditional access control change, understand the market trends in the Physical Access Control Security (PACS) market.  Leverage developments in new practices and the growing adoption to open solutions using IP connectivity and a best of breed approach to physical access control systems security.  At the end of the CPD the viewer should be better informed to consider technical options and specify PAS solutions which are scalable from small through to Enterprise PACS performance and offer life use/cost considerations which may not have been available in traditional, proprietary access control solutions.

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