The members of the Irish Security Industry Association (ISIA) elected its first all female leadeership yesterday at its Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Lorraine O’Neill, was elected as President of the ISIA, the second woman to hold this office, and Gill O’Riordan was elected as Vice President.

Lorraine has served on the ISIA’s Council of Management since 2015, when she was elected as a Vice Chair of the ISIA’s Guarding Services Divisiion.  She waas elected to the role of Chair of the Guarding Division in 2018 and served as chair of the division until 2019 when she was elected to the role of Vice President of the ISIA.

Gill was elected as a Vice Chair of the ISIA’s Guarding Services Division in 2017 and progressed to the role of Chair of the Division in 2019.

Speaking at the ISIA’s AGM hosted online yesterday, Lorraine O’Neill stressed her commitment to delivering on the ISIA’s stategic objectives and goals.  She aslo highlighted that ‘The current ISIA leadership team has a diverse skill set with a wide range of experience.  We have a dynamic and energetic team of security professionals leading our association into the future.  It is a team that I am proud to be a part of and that I look forward to working even more closely with during my term as President’.

MEmbers of the ISIA wre eager to congratulate both Lorraine and Gill on their appointments.  Following Lorraine’s appointment as one of her first official duties, she welcomed to the meeting Paul Scallan, Chief Executive of the Private Security Authority (PSA), the regulator for the private security industry.   industry.  Paul gave members a comprehenisve update on the activities of the PSA over the past year and their plans into th future.  Paul also thanked the ISIA for their ongoing engagement and close working relationship with the PSA as the regulator.